Community Cookbook

Thanks to everyone who shared recipes for the Community Cookbook!


Gathering and sharing food are important ways of celebrating and preserving our stories and culture. 

The collection of recipes in the Kitselas Community Cookbook were shared by community members and the Kitselas Treaty Team.

Kitselas Community Cookbook

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About the Cookbook

The recipes celebrate food, family, community connections, and culture.

Some of the recipes are based on traditional foods, such as salmon, seaweed, and soap berries. Others provide inspiration for quick meals or comfort food.

Food has always been an important part of our Kitselas culture and a way that we connect with our lands and waters. 

In Treaty, Kitselas Members will have defined rights to hunt, gather, and fish, along with access to more land. 

Treaty will allow us to assert our right of self-governance and protect our ways of life, including access to traditional foods and our culture, for generations to come. 

We hope you enjoy these recipes.

The Kitselas Treaty Team 

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