Kitselas Treaty Land Use Plan Project

Posted on February 22, 2022

Project Overview

The Kitselas Treaty Land Use Planning project is currently in Phase 1 of a multi-phased project aimed at creating a management framework for Kitselas Lands if the Kitselas Treaty is passed. This means the Treaty Land Use Plan is a living document that should continue to be updated over time as priorities for Kitselas land and resources change.

Phase 1
A big component of this phase of the project is to gather Kitselas Member’s input on what you envision for the future of Treaty Settlement Lands (Kitselas Lands). Rather than start new, we want to know if there are parts of the existing Kitselas Land Use Plan for Reserve Lands that apply to the larger Treaty Settlement Lands. Your input will be combined with existing background on Kitselas Lands, as well as Kitselas traditional knowledge of the land, to develop a community-driven Land Use Plan for the proposed Treaty Settlement Area.

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Follow the link below to the project website to learn more about the project and upcoming input opportunities.
Project Website

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