Enrolment in the Kitselas Treaty is now OPEN!

Posted on May 21, 2024

You can join the Kitselas Treaty at any time – now, later, or never – the choice is always yours. However, you must be enrolled to make your voice heard in voting (ratifying) on the Kitselas Constitution and Treaty.

Why do we need to enrol? Can’t we use our existing Kitselas Band List?

  1. As a Status Indian, you currently have Rights that are enshrined in the Canadian Constitution. For Treaty, you give up those “Rights” under the Indian Act – no great loss we think – replaced by much stronger Treaty Rights. By signing your Enrolment Application, you legally acknowledge this change.
  2. In addition to all individuals on our current Kitselas Band List, who are ‘automatically’ eligible for enrolment in Treaty, ‘non-Kitselas’ people excluded from membership by the Indian Act, but with Kitselas ancestry or who were adopted as children, may also be eligible for enrolment.
  3. Ratification requires that 50% +1 of enrolled members vote. Using the existing Kitselas Band List would be challenging, as only 164 (30%) of approximately 550 voters voted in the last Chief and Council election.
  4. Looking forward, as a Treaty Nation, we will decide who is and is not a Kitselas Member. Thus, limiting enrolment to those on an existing Band List restricts our right to choose.

Begin your enrolment process here today!

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